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I'm very confused. works fine as far as one-time actions go, but it completely fails when it tries to make a streaming connection. This is only an issue on my instance though. I've tested it with and it works fine, so wtf is going on? When it fails, it claims it timed out.

I was wondering if there was a book on systemd that I could read to learn more about it and uh

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@Sir_Boops Not sure if you saw this toot, but the relay's now spitting out 502

Folks a good pal of mine leaves hospital in 3 days, but their home just got utility’s shut off.

They’re disabled and need somewhere safe to stay, and WiFi so they’ll not be isolated.

they need money for a hotel, anything anyone can donate is greatly appreciated <3

Please boost if you can!

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There's a lot of types of communists. Ancom, leftcom, capcom, romcom, dotcom, sitcom... The list goes on

*extremely Ke$ha voice* wake up in the morning takin’ pills for titties...

Trinity: My name's Trinity.

Neo: *The* Trinity? Who drew the comic about lesbian wolves on the run from the law?

Trinity: That was a long time ago.

Neo: Jesus...

Trinity: What?

Neo: I just thought... you were a guy.

Trinity: I thought so too.

Text message: your debit card is locked

BRUH! I don't even have a debit card

current sonic the hedgehog levels are 69%

(69%) ■■■■■■□□□□

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