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Can anyone explain to me how "straight" and "gay" work in the context of unbounded numbers of genders?

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Tired: F-16 long range fighter craft

Wired: long snoot nyoom boye

itt pretend you're a straight person and say things straight people would say

discord combines all the stuff I hate about technology:
- javascript
- electron
- proprietary
- unreliable
- spyware
- bloat

it's like someone designed this to fuck me up as much as possible

Morpheus: Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the femboy in the short skirt?

Neo: I was...

Morpheus: [gestures with one hand] Look again.

[the femboy is now a trans girl deer with antlers wearing a t-shirt that says "down with cis." she holds out a hand toward neo with the Communist Manifesto]

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